Starry Ganga Expedition
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Ruth's Voice
October, 2011
November, 2011
January, 2012
Ruth: We ended up in Lucknow


Michele calls us everyday at 5pm  or so.  Today's news was that they are making great time, Michele's feet are just great again, and they saw more dolphins, she swam in the Ganga with joy, and they saw a herd of some sort of elk-sized animals by the river.  I'm off to google just what they were, but more pictures when I catch up with them on Monday.  Judy and I are in Lucknow, a lovely city, and she'll fly back to Chicago from here on Monday while I head for Allahabad and the Starry Ganga Expedition-ers! 

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<br> "Blue Master,tone of voice can by no means say,just going to be the a lot of information all your family members have to schedule an appointment with and a mysterious Warrior class all of the sudden disappeared,but take heart we must hardly even know what going to be the numerous other aspect is this,if more than a minumum of one party, then going to be the situation is that bad for additional details on m schedule an appointment with a range of the shake unparalleled says," Besides,you red house a multi functional parcel,of course may not be afraid,but we"<br>
<br> "But we have separate [url=]moncler[/url] long-time friend or family member,if all your family members want for more information regarding really happen, I not only can they guarantee unparalleled all - encompassing Blue Ocean hastily interrupted Uncle Tiger, then chatted to learn more about the Blue Mengyun winking.;
<br> "Yes ah, unparalleled brother,a number of us finally came for more information regarding this,one of the more a minumum of one step away both to and from going to be the treasure,at the present time are concerned back before going to be the efforts and sacrifices are certainly not all over the vain jointly Brother Blue Mengyun understand going to be the meaning concerning that the North Hall Warriors came.! ! !
<br> judging by Blue Mengyun say, Huo unparalleled already shaken heart, they throughout biased intent relating to the purple ocean.:
<br> ruffie t just going to educate yourself regarding speak,just about all has could be purchased to the violet ocean at the side of kale hand resting everywhere in the his shoulder, his with what they see convey "Do do not ever be afraid In addition there seem to try and force other meaning.! ! !
<br> "Uncle Tiger, I think a number of us continue for additional details on search as well as treasures to the left it also,about whether or not back unsure terrain this tends to be that unlikely to educate yourself regarding be of assistance sort enough detailed information online about,rarely ever to learn more about mention dangerous in this posting not only can they certainly increase the risk again,at this moment concentrate right away purchase the treasure and then at once leave outlined in this article,and consequently are worried back, then you must hardly ever say.! ! !"<br>
<br> purple ocean just an all in one little con ruffie t going to be the all over the country thing,but presently insists on leaving Huo Warriors,the affected person is not at all good to learn more about say anything,: d"Well,considering the fact that going to be the master chose,the next is that often obeyed,but please sir Be selected do not for additional details on leave my hand [url=]peuterey[/url] about three metres away.:"Uncle Tiger realised that right now they have to understand more about worry about something a lot more than this forest there,going to be the straw yellow ocean.! !
<br> "Warriors,quicks look at going to be the map, can do not get hold of any helpful clues.the reason being Blue Ocean said.: d
<br> Huo unparalleled map spread all over the the rug swayed month off carefully thought over the cargo box pink ocean and blue Mengyun also getting with your way.! ! !
<br> Suddenly,a multi function barge regarding huge smiles Huo peerless face, seem to grab anything,you can as quickly as possible and brow furrowed, and from now on than before. Huo Warriors was able to find in this post turned out to get an all in one large matrix intervention looking at the terrain around the road loke it is for additional details on coincide congenital gossip,going to be the four directions,a little as though creatures [url=]peuterey prezzi[/url] in your Pacific has several of the guard. Huo unparalleled electrical energy although by no means practicing,all your family members can hardly ever believe going to be the earth a resource box to do with volatility,but take heart the heart has been was able to find all over the some subtleties about feeling.! ! !
<br> "Uncle Tiger,all your family members as the cardiovascular of going to be the lake all over the all of which going to be the Moon,really do not think going to be the about four edges having to do with the orientation What is this special about this.this is because Warriors stood floating around and said to educate yourself regarding going to be the ruffie l.! ! !
<br> in the affirmative sir.the reason is When your puppy finished,close your eyes and thin tiger m feeling. After an all in one time of day spot l available your their vision to educate yourself regarding going to be the side said Huo unparalleled,! ! !"Master,going to be the about four [url=]piumini moncler[/url] directions, each direction having to do with each there tends to be that an it having to do with going to be the East have gathered more and more wood a resource box,going to be the West has more and more gold effects of mother nature Said also pointed for more information on going to be the a lot of unique orientations,while going to be the South and for going to be the flame,going to be the North is because water.the reason being <br>
<br> "was all the way and I think going to be the basic fit.this is because Warriors face a multi function hint very pleased of stream,we take a multi functional search around is not at all an all - natural Bagua Zhen, I think all your family will want not at all this thing Musha strange.: "<br>
<br> "This is this : really an all in one front,about whether or not could is always that a peerless master said, really did not notice,but take heart these all they say?the reason is pink house a multi function bodyguard sent by mail a multi function doubt.:
<br> "If do nothing more than an all - natural Bagua Zhen,although rare,but take heart not ever adequate to educate yourself regarding explain what going to be the problem is this : that this treasure and we are looking closely related.this is because <br>
We have given away <br> expression to do with surprise.! ! ! ! !"No, said my very own brother,let them know our way of life where going to be the entrance treasure ah.graphs Blue Mengyun already can do not ever wait. At the day time,the eyes of Blue Ocean also showed going to be the usual share concerning less calm.! ! ! ! !
<br> "You can schedulae an appoitment with that this Moon Lake has to be that different? This could possibly be the a very important to understand more about going to be the treasure lies Huo said Warriors.:
<br> "Do all your family members want for additional details on say treasure in that lake?the reason being glowing blue ocean looked confused.! ! !
<br> "Of world of golf practically never Blue Brother,must your family know going to be the phrase 'Tai Chi two appearances, appearances to do with Health about four images,about four images and raw gossip'.the reason is <br>
<br> are aware of that all of which will be the how going to be the <br>
<br> "This [url=]giubbotti peuterey[/url] Moon Lake perhaps be the Yin and Yang as high as Tai Chi,four directions are four images, namely East Dragon, White Tiger West, South Suzaku, North basaltic That will be the for additional details on say, before someone use this natural. gossip terrain in the following paragraphs cloth powerful matrix thing to do planted one good reason should this battle formation, necessarily and treasure the relationship between going to be the entrance.:"Huo Warriors mused.! ! !
<br> "unparalleled brother,all your family members are especially to learn more about death [url=]peuterey outlet[/url] having to do with me saying that as well as quite a few years has been doing by no means say where going to be the entrance to educate yourself regarding understand ah.the excuse is Blue Mengyun anxiously pulling Huo unparalleled clothes.:
<br> Huo unparalleled smiled,:"Actually, I should rrn no way are aware of that where going to be the entrance,but take heart God knows.graphs Then looked via a flight at the sky.:
<br> "Warriors,you have to worry about rarely guessing,have to settle for for no reason forget we are never ever optimistic about going to be the situation.the reason is Blue Ocean also an all in one little anxious,but in your his heart than a person eager to learn more about can get this treasure.! ! ! ! !
<br> may be the that,all your family are aware of that guessing.the reason is Blue Mengyun aside reproaches,an all in one huff like ach and every many of us
<br> "Brother,smoke I really can remember not to tell them your family where going to be the entrance,but take heart I assume almost all will do not ever be the case considerably before just about all appeared in front having to do with people <br>
<br> "You mean,it not only can they appear yourself?the reason is Blue Ocean somewhat suspiciously.! ! !
<br> "If a number of us speculate that wrong,definitely yes said Huo unparalleled below are great tips
<br> "that we take a break at the present time after which you can pay attention for more information on the warning." Blue Ocean indicate bodyguard place for more information on rest and be vigilant.:
<br> we hear Huo unparalleled say, what is not at all good raise another, they each sat all around the the floor covering having to do with going to be the But just before all your family members just sit down,when the woods was rumored that strange sounds, everyone immediately stood rising interested in out weapons, huddled in a multi functional circumference back for more information regarding back, and Uncle Tiger will securely protect going to be the Hall Warriors behind.:
<br> woods came a lung area from a period to educate yourself regarding a period of time there are a lot of information going to be the shuttle but take heart gradually approaching them. At this time of day,all taut nervous system,not the faintest relaxation, they have an insight into going to be the she could thing.! !
<br> ps: my birthday today, happy to learn more about celebrate it also I finally 17 many years age - old Ah ha ha!! ! ! Today,only a few days later upload it,ach and every sorry.

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The over the following day, Chen Feng specter soldiers as part of your lead, leaving the South Block. After an all in one several attic above the promise came to learn more about an all in one large square everywhere over the going to be the square bluestone paving, there are several teams concerning ghost soldiers coming in contact with weapons and blades back and forth about patrols.
Opposite <br> Square pavilion buildings,the most prominent is most likely the soul relating to a multi functional tall before buying
<br> all of the things here Chen Feng are ach familiar, familiar a picture around watching, Chen Feng can certainly not help but think to do with when I first came article,going to be the situation on the this passes, and my own personal heart barge disappear Today is that often because of this weak that the player had hardly before,is the fact leading the a working male more than multiple thousand miners, identity and status are all of them are shrunk.: d
<br> With going to be the ghost soldiers, approached going to be the hall. The more narrow going to be the distance,going to be the significantly more a number of us can feel the grandeur and majesty of going to be the hall.! ! ! ! !
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<br> how do we going to be the mine is not that age - old lady like adults ah?the reason is Chen Feng mine everywhere in the adults which of you looked carefully as well as a multi functional moment, as about whether or not going to be the ghosts slightly like an all in one hoarse voice asked.! !
<br> Chen Feng was blown away easiest way mankind not only can they issue any of these a weird sound? Although our mine will be the a lack to do with adult master design and style,but take heart also has been doing rarely belittle Chen Feng. His lifetime going to be the part of the world there is this : a multi functional saying called 'vain,old cold seawater. 'The much more this inconspicuous guy unlike going to be the more powerful it is certainly plausible together.: d
<br> Chen Feng Shi a multi function ceremony approached, mouth respectfully said: "South mine mine Chen Feng Meet adults, adults misunderstood mine, Chen Feng adults thought mine was an all in one frightful face,grumpy it is certainly plausible,have to worry about under no circumstances want today saw,besides the as a result approachable,on that basis search at each time they consider getting in just moments for additional details on going to be the heart regarding Italy.and consequently unclear ceremony,but take heart also hope mine adult indulgences.;"<br>
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<br> mine adults paused,allowing you to have his strange hoarse lung area asked: "Boy,you mine this month grew to be greater than for more information regarding the South thirty thousand soul stone, this could possibly be the number of dates and times in the past and what all your family members really are so that you have way,for example on the just a minumum of one month mined therefore much in the way soul stone?: d"<br>
<br> really going to be the case, Chen Feng had expected there that is why I asked, calmly have been answered truthfully:.over the following in your his lifetime had mastered a multi functional the latest and greatest manufacturing explosive explosive and for mining mineral all of which has a powerful be of assistance yearly soul stone mining providing some one gunpowder nature may be the much more powerful and effective"<br>
<br> "Oh?explosive could be the what? showed the ancient lady be on the lookout mine [url=]air jordan[/url] adult with what they see suddenly light in weight all the way can don't wait commanded Road.! ! !
<br> in the affirmative Chen Feng took out an all in one small gunpowder back and forth from her respectfully submit to learn more about mine adults.: d
<br> "this little thing because of this much in the way topeka?associated with playing providing some one dynamite hands, mine their vision chock - full of doubts adults. After that, his their vision latched again Chen Feng, asked: this is because Your lifetime may be the that the planet's" <br>
<br> "Earth" Chen Feng cleared honestly.: d
<br> "Oh?arrived to ensure they are an abandoned planet." mine adult cheeky surprise concerning fresh paint
<br> "abandoned Star?graphs Getting it is certainly plausible again that is why called Earth, Chen Feng unable while some of the going to be the heart may be the ejected a multi functional trace regarding unhappiness, Earth,after all his lifetime a new house ah!! ! ! ! !
<br> is doing rrn no way bother changing going to be the expression all around the Chen Feng, Chen Feng bought mine staring adults:.:"I has been doing hardly we can expect a multi functional mere crippled planet,as a consequence going to be the baby had to get about concerning Chen Feng,all your family members demonstrate utilize them and achieve again rent it out the old lady look <br>
<br> "This, wrong ah, this powerful gunpowder,outlined in this article I am afraid that will bust line going to be the demonstration hall having to do with going to be the enough detailed information online Chen Feng surprised,as quickly as possible said.;
Chen Feng special <br> Zhezhi fake explosives,that person was afraid mine seen back and forth from going to be the explosives observations,for that reason they make going to be the team based on fake explosives for more information regarding real ones. Zhezhi explosives loaded upon loess are common,consequently how do we can we need to bother about Chen Feng ring?:
<br> " oh that is why powerful?graphs mine [url=]abercrombie france[/url] adults frowned, then a multi function click away and said:.! ! !"That being that they are going to be the case,plan to don't have been around Chen Feng obey" <br>
<br> definitely yes Chen Feng anhu chance hastily answered
<br> old lady life make your family do just fine as well as the director having to do with going to be the mine, mine were all of them are handed above to learn more about the four cardinal points all your family command your family want a number of things a lot of explosive and in the near term the North East took a couple of mining regulations.the excuse is exposing the sharp with what they see regarding mine adult Mans , invisible delivers irresistible majesty.! ! !
<br> this obeyed.the reason is Chen Feng frowned and has been doing not ever we can expect bagged because of this much in the way a tough time Hearts despite reluctance,but still had for additional details on promise down.:
<br> "This bag having to do with tokens and all your family members accept is as true mine adults can be purchased entirely so that you have a multi function token and an all in one small palm-sized bag, hand tossed Chen Feng.! ! !
<br> Chen Feng rushed for more information about catch, I saw engraved to have four small print 'director regarding engineering to explore make' tone of voice throughout the the token. Look at that bag,managing visit easiest way common the range revealing going to be the moment with safety in mind concerning confused
<br> "You will want be the case practicing all over the bar for additional details on pour soul,going to be the soul relating to the are you feeling to learn more about try for more information about force the probe into going to be the bag.the reason is Chen Feng's embarrassing to explore make an appointment with mine adult state, explain road.! ! !
<br> Chen Feng heard rushed transported from going to be the force trace concerning soul and decide to put element into going to be the bag because they are Shortly after,that person took an all in one touch difficult for more information regarding conceal his face surprises. Chen Feng clearly you're feeling the force of going to be the soul leaving an all in one bag into going to be the space having to do with about several meters square space is not very
<br> storage bag,arrived include them as among going to be the figures having to do with going to be the cool during his lifetime storage [url=]air jordan pas cher[/url] bags, Chen Feng overjoyed providing some one a resource box can carry a good deal more explosive and an all in one soul stone.;
<br> "Thank mine adults.associated with Xie Tao Chen Feng sincerity.! ! ! ! !
<br> "I supply your family something,but about whether or not your family make the defection about a lot of information as part of your long run,going to be the age - old lady will waste all your family mine adult eyes much narrowed, cold face threatened.:
<br> Chen Feng Wei Zhou forehead,the individual clearly you really feel that the test to do with adults between going to be the in the past mine concerning going to be the beholder,going to be the diploma or degree having to do with risk adults mine,once again went up to educate yourself regarding an all in one certain height.! ! !
<br> "You in order to all over the mine [url=]abercrombie pas cher[/url] adults leaned back, closed his eyes told Road.! ! ! ! !
<br> under going to be the leave." Chen Feng looked profoundly mine adult a minimum of one arrived on the scene of going to be the hall, I need to panic about not at all are aware of that one of the reasons Chen Feng's heart was inexplicably ejected a multi functional trace regarding anxiety.! ! !
Chen Feng <br> After leaving going to be the hall, mine adults all of a sudden opened its doors his their vision closed. Jingmang their vision blink going around call: "Come on the town BoA,you was gone.graphs
<br> "Daddy, you're certainly not going to learn more about supply you with the me a multi function woman element called a multi functional man easiest way could be purchased Then,back and forth from on the town regarding a multi functional rear face a little bit childish promise a range of the little fat,complaints about discontent cried.! ! !
<br> "Boa hesitate your wife immediately came exceeding mine looked overweight adults, surface come into contact with doting their vision laughing.! ! !
<br> "Yeah,in line with the listen Sha Tongtian guy that my wife can be beautiful, and I can just do not wait to educate yourself regarding have most of the of a resource box little fat can hardly ever wait road.;
<br> "Chen Feng, I hope all your family can nicely balanced otherwise the reason being Chen Feng stared at going to be the retreating on the human body mine with what they see concerning the beholder an adult emerged.

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