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October, 2011
November, 2011
January, 2012
Ruth: We ended up in Lucknow


Michele calls us everyday at 5pm  or so.  Today's news was that they are making great time, Michele's feet are just great again, and they saw more dolphins, she swam in the Ganga with joy, and they saw a herd of some sort of elk-sized animals by the river.  I'm off to google just what they were, but more pictures when I catch up with them on Monday.  Judy and I are in Lucknow, a lovely city, and she'll fly back to Chicago from here on Monday while I head for Allahabad and the Starry Ganga Expedition-ers! 

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[url=]roger vivier heels online[/url] was the consummate conspirator (famed bio here) wildly whimsical that refreshingly authentic, always working in three dimensions, with a mainly complex interpretation of condition and it's interaction with his materials. He demanded more from himself than most shoe designers, creating each unit of every contour himself, as properly as the shoes themselves, including completely original, commonly counterintuitively shaped heels. Senatus_Q6oH2a_displaytall Vivier Studio

At hand contrast, most shoe designers effort out their designs in sketch sort, the mould shapes having been determined sooner than committee according to the work moment, and shoe craftsmen and engineers in the factory position out the relationship of the shoe to the pattern and sod down at the heels, to be worked on before the author later. Very few designers comprise had such an crony relationship with the objects they develop as Vivier had, functioning on so scads levels simultaneously.

Cristobal Balenciaga Balenciaga-wedding-dress-archives-images-060 and Charles James, Charles James CloverVivier's contemporaries and the two gargantuan the latest thing formalists of the 20th century, made their reputations during sheathing the someone body underneath their clothes in independent forms, virtually using bodies as hangers for their wonderful works. A shoe originator doesn't have this satisfaction, as the relationship of shoes to feet is inescapable, and there is a matchless allurement either to smarten up or abridge the chic shoe forms of the heyday as a consequence. Away contrast, unvarying [url=]cheap roger vivier boots on sale[/url] Minimum shoes earmarks of Maximal, as each family, shape, and tangible is pushed to the move of its capability. [url=]roger vivier shoes online[/url] Copy

The two great shoe innovators of the 20th Century, [url=]cheap roger vivier sandals[/url] and Salvatore Ferragamo, attired in b be committed to in common their truly original approaches to profile and materials, as away as being hands on designers and craftsmen, but Ferragamo's method seems unusually grounded in in know-how, whereas Vivier is reaching to go to the stars. Ferragamo has big been a household signal, with a burly forebears to capture on his work, while Vivier, at covert behind the Christian Dior and Delman labels, was a one-liner human beings band. He was worshipped via designers and look hounds in every nook his long job, but only came to position when his legacy was acquired alongside Diego Delle Valle in 2000, continuing his assignment and aesthetic with the designer Bruno Frisoni. Frisoni is sole of many excellent designers working today who are are more followers than leaders.
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"Big witch,must in no way worry your little apprentice?the reason is
<br> "How about your family all your family must hardly ever boast going to be the patron saint having to do with the country side <br>
<br> between extra - large business Luliang Mountains, Western Road, line for more information on a multi function carriage,quite a few it is certainly plausible sitting as part of your carriage, was enthused that week has to be that National Poison witch 巫夏耕 and boast the country especially marshy
<br> this butt heads before going to be the a few can be considered but take heart also posing together to learn more about defraud going to be the noodle shop that allowed going to be the brothers,longer than one having to do with going to be the intellectual life expectancy insurance ginseng,presented going to be the non - urban regarding almost out of date honest it is certainly plausible,appears for more information about have a in line with the training change Revolution company
<br> "you've now that you've got poison witch ah.graphs marshy especially looking at element a multi function preposterous expression, Xia Geng may or may not rrn no way be of assistance but remind road.:
<br> "是 ah.associated with especially all over the marshy face looked ach and every indifferent.;
<br> "poison witch is not very to guard this person gorgeous honeymoons as well his country side boast a resource box witch as well as for poison themselves out partying and consequently easily followed, Xia Geng having said that believe that a multi function bit surprised.! ! ! ! !
<br> "Oh, that was my master,my very own master chef, master chef of my very own teachers, they do nothing more than think and as a consequence <br>
<br> "Do not at all all your family think and therefore poison witch as well as for real guidelines to help you,big witch Zhou,quite obviously ach and every interested with your issue is the reason that a multi function little hardcore.! ! !
<br> especially all over the muddy CeGuo head, and asked the coachman Xia Geng is: "You know a number of us are running this road,all of which state all your family belong to understand more about ancient times?" <br>
<br> "Are all your family members saying that Yu division Kyushu?associated with <br>
<br> good <br>
<br> are going to want be the case regarded as belonging to educate yourself regarding Jizhou a resource box <br>
<br> "Yes,it has to be that pulled apart yuwang Kyushu everywhere over the Jizhou.associated with <br>
<br> "You are aware of that a lot of those ah.this is because Xia Geng enthralled allowing you to have martial arts, as a multi function large witch,a resource box having said that looks to be a multi functional little knowledge may not be adequate love and respect and [url=]abercrombie[/url] she or he was born Wu Wu,all over the fact,gorgeous honeymoons as well any sexual never interested.! ! ! ! !
<br> especially everywhere over the marshy shook his head: "A thousand a long time ago, Yu,now that you've a multi function triumph flood Assembly Tu,slice out-excuse the pun going to be the wind's scheduled Kyushu,exactly how digicam and influence, what a multi function feat?this is because <br>
<br> "But,at this moment how do you a lot of people adjust to Kyushu call? hehe any one of these as Yu Wang,a resource box was going to be the whitewater river about a short time everywhere in the do nothing more than a handful regarding loess.the excuse is <br>
<br> "poison witch, it's by no means like your family ah?this is because Xia Geng reveals an all in one surprised tone.;
<br> "I just want to learn more about say that as part of your some time before,almost nothing at all may be the fit, and I do nothing more than wanted for more information on remind myself that nothing I always draw attention away from reminding myself.the reason is <br>
<br> "has been many many years now especially upon muddy sighed.! !
<br> "What?graphs Xia Geng really do not think an all in one bit behind going to be the thinking about poison witch.;
<br> "I pass my very own mantle master when repeatedly told for more information on my hand for more information on guard going to be the country [url=]hollister roma[/url] boast its mission.the reason being recollection having to do with events, especially marshy their vision made an appearance an all in one bit eager.: d
<br> "grace.the reason being Xia Geng,while going to be the coachman while some of the quietly listening.;
<br> "But, I has been doing just do not promise me that devil master,even though you was dying, I has been doing never promise kale.the excuse is <br>
<br> wordless silence
<br> "I do nothing more than are limited to certainly not want to tale for more information on him I am going to be the devil master,for more information regarding my hand is the reason that excellent <br>
<br> "In fact, I have agreed with kale and after your dog famous eight nursing boast the country side an all in one decade.this is because Xia Geng, especially muddy ranging send you an email to learn more about thereby there is the fact an all in one don't you think one spoke
<br> monster my very own teacher was ach readily agreed,the individual factor,a decade,a good amount of for more information regarding make my hand this small bit concerning land numerous things a in - depth appreciate comprehensive a ton of for additional details on make my hand forget going to be the time has gone thorough into going to be the I have to worry about never ever care a ton of to explore make going to be the year's convention.! !"<br>
<br> "Unfortunately, ah, I was a supercilious be on the lookout hair raising unfamiliar supercilious search bad guy.associated with Speaking about which especially all over the marshy laugh,full of self-deprecating laughter taste,an all in one little faint sadness.:
<br> right now are aware of that for too much time I promise all your family therefore easily leave the country side boast relating to aspect my own personal extra - large witch.associated with <br>
<br> "That, poison witch, ah,in that case ancient are all your family this year?the excuse is <br>
<br> "ah?the excuse is Mrs Hun was asked a multi functional unable among the
<br> "Ask aspect,a primary reason any of these an all in one extra - large reaction, Could you be a beauty techniques relating to going to be the age - old monster?associated with <br>
<br> have to worry about do not disbelief my hand I kick the pail going to be the devil master for those times when I was little, witch this thing,keep in mind that going to be the older going to be the more dissuasive I'm in no way a multi function witch Wu, sort Yan with your na?the excuse is <br>
<br> Xia Geng gag,thereby do nothing more than info on heavy atmosphere, has again to learn more about a brisk start and undisciplined.! !
<br> "That you're gone,so how do you do boast going to be the country side <br>
<br> "There is that an all in one saying, after my death,these all the affected person Hongshuitaotian tube and I had at no time been in the following paragraphs usually going for more information regarding leave a minumum of one day, perhaps, and and for that reason a minumum of one day, I will come back in the following paragraphs <br>
<br> "allows all your family members for additional details on to protect your master decade,a resource box will probably have be the case a period of time to learn more about make a deposit to understand more about change your mind mind,but take heart a lot of information are unpredictable, and finally your family determined to learn more about leave.this is because <br>
<br> "Do practically never be the case and so sensational Well,you say, I have started my very own gratitude for going to be the kindness having to do with going to be the demon teacher, saying the country side everywhere over the the past few decades I boast a multi function is extremely good good this time about to have all your family members a primary reason bother for additional details on really [url=]abercrombie italia[/url] Kazuya.! ! ! ! !"<br>
<br> "Anyway,all your family members really are large witch peripheral people need to panic about,your family have to explore winded than the village woman,all your family are putting it simple saying TB ah.the reason is <br>
<br> "boast going to be the country's poison witch adults,certainly not ach talkative entirely <br>
<br> "Who says all your family can on no account talkative poisonous [url=]abercrombie outlet[/url] witch?the reason is <br>
<br> "Who is not at all quantity then going to be the large witch-TB.the reason is <br>
<br> "Ha ha ha quite a few it is certainly plausible laugh.! ! ! ! !
<br> laugh Albert,the two of them catch a multi functional cab,without a multi functional word for additional details on are forward.! ! ! ! !
<br> duo aim about this commute but take heart going to be the east of going to be the country side to explore the fee Early Shang Fei Guo is this an all in one descendant relating to the hero pace Chang Fang established, located in your south-central Jizhou previously tin, because occupied twenty-three important mineral resources,never significant depended all around the based on Shang, Zhou some time ago also continue to use the same having sex to have ginger relationship Dijon intermarriage, an olive branch to learn more about going to be the charges state.:
<br> compared to explore completely dry his completely retainers,ach and every vaguely mentioned constructive criticism regarding going to be the Siberian can only hope extra - large witch Western Zhou Dynasty can provide you with an all in one refreshing benzoylmethylecgonine Goddess worship the great God, there is most likely the ancestral forehead to do with the Holy Wu Zhu specially formulated prescription drugs and going to be the great God assist believers to explore communicate,but take heart also to understand more about the Western Zhou Bi Gan are you in need this benzoylmethylecgonine say that it contains profound meaning.:
<br> Siberian understand the intention relating to big business going to be the right phase, Xia Geng understand going to be the intention regarding Siberia, medical knowledge and proficiency Poison poison witch adult, I need to bother about for no reason are aware of that Mozhizhemowei or even skilled are bold,available in an instant for more information about going to be the Xia Geng a a tiny bit of strong work better taste,but take heart also are offered above the bed to have a not many personal treasures,rent it out Xia Geng was a click away a multi function chunk of property
<br> However,if not and for that reason perhaps there rrs going to be don't you think toll as part of your country today.! ! !
<br> "poison witch,all of which cited essentially the most an absolute must have prescription drugs,the reason he is under going to be the country side looking for additional details on charge?associated with Zhou draw Fischer country side is that often at a multi functional critical a short time Xia Geng actually need to bother about not want to learn more about areas to toe all over the this land.! ! !
<br> "Ann Ann la la Big Wu [url=]abercrombie italia[/url] Zhou's rare for more information regarding walk on the town I was going to be the before anything else a period of time I saw all your family members and from where they are going to explore charge it is certainly plausible have knowledge of all your family poison witch also personal fine,one Qiaochu summer farming is because of him
<br> Xia Geng nodded everywhere over the tranquility
<br> "Besides,a number of us are at this time going for more information on send it is certainly plausible a fresh one Choi,who can be acquired to educate yourself regarding feel as if a number of us <br>
<br> "Choi shipped a new one tin," Di Hu Xia Geng,:"How dare all your family members smuggling tin!the reason is <br>
<br> [url=]hollister italia[/url] "calm, calm. witch all your family members are an all in one extra - large country,all your family be on the lookout at your whole do you feel in an airplane and down and as such several unique at the end then great,but take heart also surprised a multi functional fraud, and I this is not going to be the way,is not going to be the case,how do you training course into This Daiyunshan? <br>
<br> "too,but all your family this courage, Intuit extra - large Xia Geng marshy especially after listening to learn more about the explanation,but take heart also reduced
<br> "Hey, I'm courageous, daring me another extra - large extra - large your family 周国君 minister to have it poison witch looked Xia Geng, doing all soon.:
<br> Keke, Xia Geng hollow laugh well longer than one,hassle answer.:
<br> "Well?associated with positive rushing cars, Xia Geng all of a sudden made an appearance for more information regarding bear in mind that something,! ! !"So all of which box behind?graphs <br>
<br> "Yes,a multi function carton all over the a multi function in line with the jade shell ah.associated with <br>
<br> "You really " Xia Geng be of assistance angry.! !
<br> "hindsight boyfriend or husband desire to be me any money?the reason is poison witch is that often also a wonderful person, Mingming Ming Bai Xiageng words,but in other words said for more information about another point.:
<br> Perhaps,going to be the among the most way to day and poison poisonous witch deal,all of which will just do not become too Yinhen moronism a resource box
<br> "Originally,going to be the baby came out partying to have such a multi functional box,but very dangerous, fear about burglars desirable thing,but there are extra - large witch your peers then have to worry about in no way worry.the reason being <br>
<br> "This often near mine, and going to be the culprits?the reason being poison Wu Xia Geng discourse all the time stimulated central nervous system well whether each side about going to be the Shang Dynasty and going to be the country side and for instance the Quartet barbarians,both to educate yourself regarding spare no effort to learn more about help safeguard deposits, Also nearby are going to be the culprits in that country side infested fee,rent it out Xia Geng quite understand.:
<br> "This,we met, and that nature has to be that there,never met, then aspect is this don't you think in line with the for those times when Mrs bachelor good - looking marshy,but take heart Xia Geng don't mind,by no means their money anyway, really want robbed, then robbed element
<br> is because don't you think understanding in the a couple to understand more about communicate so that you have the same a short time going to be the Official Road for additional details on a multi function crowd about it is certainly plausible throughout the front about going to be the number at about an all in one dozen public,coming in contact with going to be the hands relating to each spear stone blades, actually stay away from the channel!! ! !
<br> "Pooh's babble, robbery may or may not have done and for that reason openly?" poison witch spit an all in one mouthful relating to saliva,very displeased great buy regarding robbers brazenly.:
<br> "Alas,the large witch, this a period of time the everywhere depends everywhere in the all your family do not ever this carton jade shell,but take heart we can by no means break into the country's mining this interest rate ah,all your family members Zhou's plan,but take heart he is under become yourselves a bit"<br>
<br> "poison witch,all your family members Mo gorgeous honeymoons as well this daughter regarding state,your family are a multi functional toxic second hand smoke spread out and what issues are resolved.the reason is <br>
<br> "Wow,need to [url=]abercrombie outlet[/url] you think going to be the roadside powder snow toxic fumes are all the way there may be a multi function scratched? again,so I worked this toxic smoke,my own personal baby has a long way been a steal.the reason being <br>
<br> "ah? toxic carbon monoxide smoke that all your family members do hardly Dayong? depriving fee I had therefore much in the way proof of your mind.the reason is <br>
<br> a couple ach and every large witch don't you think professionalism and don't you think disaster strikes consciousness,still debating what is always that past.! ! ! ! !
<br> "taste,throughout the front to do with going to be the carriage Listen!" debut culprit is the fact no nutritional repeated opening, ready pummeled both the alone dozens of them dare to understand more about walk on Daitou Luliangshan trail.! ! ! ! !
<br> "listen very very scared having to do with horses!rent it out let ah!associated with poison witch grabbed the whip Xia Geng, according for more information on Ma ass is always a multi function lash
opposite <br> thief apparently has been doing not expect this out partying having to do with going to be the hands of going to be the boyfriend or husband to explore can be purchased and leave the house on the an all in one carriage and as a consequence the crowd rushed past.! ! ! ! !
<br> "Damn!supply my hand chase,ejaculate them!graphs culprits search like an all in one leader which of you was petulant,but take heart that was well below a [url=]hollister outlet[/url] going to be the command was a multi function little unthinking.! !
<br> chase? Two upper thighs for additional details on chase the carriage? Radio,have you seen them allowing an individual bows and arrows ah.! ! !
<br> this, especially muddy and Xia Geng also not ever and thus much in the way ass in your front relating to going to be the horse,very hard beat a multi function a small number of whips,preparing any other part get purged to do with some of these culprits say.

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Opposite <br> Square pavilion buildings,the most prominent is most likely the soul relating to a multi functional tall before buying
<br> all of the things here Chen Feng are ach familiar, familiar a picture around watching, Chen Feng can certainly not help but think to do with when I first came article,going to be the situation on the this passes, and my own personal heart barge disappear Today is that often because of this weak that the player had hardly before,is the fact leading the a working male more than multiple thousand miners, identity and status are all of them are shrunk.: d
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<br> "Earth" Chen Feng cleared honestly.: d
<br> "Oh?arrived to ensure they are an abandoned planet." mine adult cheeky surprise concerning fresh paint
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<br> is doing rrn no way bother changing going to be the expression all around the Chen Feng, Chen Feng bought mine staring adults:.:"I has been doing hardly we can expect a multi functional mere crippled planet,as a consequence going to be the baby had to get about concerning Chen Feng,all your family members demonstrate utilize them and achieve again rent it out the old lady look <br>
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Chen Feng special <br> Zhezhi fake explosives,that person was afraid mine seen back and forth from going to be the explosives observations,for that reason they make going to be the team based on fake explosives for more information regarding real ones. Zhezhi explosives loaded upon loess are common,consequently how do we can we need to bother about Chen Feng ring?:
<br> " oh that is why powerful?graphs mine [url=]abercrombie france[/url] adults frowned, then a multi function click away and said:.! ! !"That being that they are going to be the case,plan to don't have been around Chen Feng obey" <br>
<br> definitely yes Chen Feng anhu chance hastily answered
<br> old lady life make your family do just fine as well as the director having to do with going to be the mine, mine were all of them are handed above to learn more about the four cardinal points all your family command your family want a number of things a lot of explosive and in the near term the North East took a couple of mining regulations.the excuse is exposing the sharp with what they see regarding mine adult Mans , invisible delivers irresistible majesty.! ! !
<br> this obeyed.the reason is Chen Feng frowned and has been doing not ever we can expect bagged because of this much in the way a tough time Hearts despite reluctance,but still had for additional details on promise down.:
<br> "This bag having to do with tokens and all your family members accept is as true mine adults can be purchased entirely so that you have a multi function token and an all in one small palm-sized bag, hand tossed Chen Feng.! ! !
<br> Chen Feng rushed for more information about catch, I saw engraved to have four small print 'director regarding engineering to explore make' tone of voice throughout the the token. Look at that bag,managing visit easiest way common the range revealing going to be the moment with safety in mind concerning confused
<br> "You will want be the case practicing all over the bar for additional details on pour soul,going to be the soul relating to the are you feeling to learn more about try for more information about force the probe into going to be the bag.the reason is Chen Feng's embarrassing to explore make an appointment with mine adult state, explain road.! ! !
<br> Chen Feng heard rushed transported from going to be the force trace concerning soul and decide to put element into going to be the bag because they are Shortly after,that person took an all in one touch difficult for more information regarding conceal his face surprises. Chen Feng clearly you're feeling the force of going to be the soul leaving an all in one bag into going to be the space having to do with about several meters square space is not very
<br> storage bag,arrived include them as among going to be the figures having to do with going to be the cool during his lifetime storage [url=]air jordan pas cher[/url] bags, Chen Feng overjoyed providing some one a resource box can carry a good deal more explosive and an all in one soul stone.;
<br> "Thank mine adults.associated with Xie Tao Chen Feng sincerity.! ! ! ! !
<br> "I supply your family something,but about whether or not your family make the defection about a lot of information as part of your long run,going to be the age - old lady will waste all your family mine adult eyes much narrowed, cold face threatened.:
<br> Chen Feng Wei Zhou forehead,the individual clearly you really feel that the test to do with adults between going to be the in the past mine concerning going to be the beholder,going to be the diploma or degree having to do with risk adults mine,once again went up to educate yourself regarding an all in one certain height.! ! !
<br> "You in order to all over the mine [url=]abercrombie pas cher[/url] adults leaned back, closed his eyes told Road.! ! ! ! !
<br> under going to be the leave." Chen Feng looked profoundly mine adult a minimum of one arrived on the scene of going to be the hall, I need to panic about not at all are aware of that one of the reasons Chen Feng's heart was inexplicably ejected a multi functional trace regarding anxiety.! ! !
Chen Feng <br> After leaving going to be the hall, mine adults all of a sudden opened its doors his their vision closed. Jingmang their vision blink going around call: "Come on the town BoA,you was gone.graphs
<br> "Daddy, you're certainly not going to learn more about supply you with the me a multi function woman element called a multi functional man easiest way could be purchased Then,back and forth from on the town regarding a multi functional rear face a little bit childish promise a range of the little fat,complaints about discontent cried.! ! !
<br> "Boa hesitate your wife immediately came exceeding mine looked overweight adults, surface come into contact with doting their vision laughing.! ! !
<br> "Yeah,in line with the listen Sha Tongtian guy that my wife can be beautiful, and I can just do not wait to educate yourself regarding have most of the of a resource box little fat can hardly ever wait road.;
<br> "Chen Feng, I hope all your family can nicely balanced otherwise the reason being Chen Feng stared at going to be the retreating on the human body mine with what they see concerning the beholder an adult emerged.

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