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Forty five, a single mother of 3 children aged 19, 17, and 12.  I have  untreatable late stage metastatic cervical cancer.   I have worked  in many various fields including, Real Estate,  Doula- Apprentice Midwife, Whitewater Raft Guide,  Kayak & Canoe guide, Lift-op, and most recently an EMT & Paramedic student at UNM’s EMS Academy.   I have a love of travel and exotic places.  I recently returned from a trip to Morocco with my youngest daughter.  My ardor for mountains has taken me to Patagonia and many of the highest Himalayan peaks from Kanchenjunga in India, Everest in Tibet & K2 in Pakistan.  I am passionate about water and snow sports though I do not consider myself a natural athlete, each new pursuit has been very challenging for me.  

I paddle boarded for the first time in San Clemente in August 2011. I grew up in Washington DC,  have lived most my life in Albuquerque NM,  but feel fortunate to have lived in India, Tucson, France and most recently Crested Butte CO- my favorite town on the planet!


With two decades of experience in biography through print, photography, and film, Nat Stone's lifelong passion for travel on water, from open-ocean passages to months-long, complete river descents, now leads down Ganga.



Mother of two, and grandmother of 6…   Ruth Frazier is a retired nonprofit exec, having worked with Native Americans and other cultures as a community organizer.  She was a fundraiser, public relations spokesperson, leadership trainer and has consulted and taught these activities in many parts of the world and with other cultures  She and her husband Ken have lived in Washington, DC and have been in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for more than 30 years.  Ruth and Michele worked together in real estate.

Ruth knows the power of family as a secret ingredient in community work, and is pleased to have the opportunity to work with Michele on Michele’s dream project. Ruth has not been to India but  is eager to experience it through Michele and the work she wishes to live on.



B.F.A in theater and M.F.A in film and television, Mahmoud Salimi has worked as writer, director, producer, editor, and cinematographer on various film sets, has directed/produced theater plays in Europe, Asia, and America.

He co-founded Exile Theater and Dramatic Arts Center in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He also worked for BBC-AEP, United Nations, Afghan Films Studio, and Sahar Film.

He taught film and theater in Kabul University and Foundation for Young Afghan Filmmakers in Afghanistan and workd as manager/coordinator for Irafan Cultural Center, Terre des Hommes and several other organizations.

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