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Inspired: Michele Baldwin

Starry Ganga is what happens when someone decides to make a difference with their life, even facing death.  Michele Baldwin is many things, among them a 45-year old mother to three children (19, 17 and 12), a practicing Buddhist, a passionate paddleboarder and a patient of incurable, untreatable cervical cancer.   Her message and mission: get your Pap test.

Michele has just begun an amazing journey down the Sacred Ganga River in India, from the base of the Himalayas to the holy city of Varanasi.  All 35 days and 700 miles of her journey will be by paddleboard with the bold and beautiful goal of raising awareness and $100,000 in funds to treat and prevent cervical cancer in India.  She is collaborating with the Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer.  Nuu-Muu is tremendously proud to provide Michele with river attire for her journey.  Michele was searching for something comfortable and water-friendly that was modest enough to wear in India.  Her mother Ruth (accompanying her on much of her journey) loves that the bright colors fit right in.

Michele has always lived her life with an unusual and amazing intensity so this unlikely journey seems fitting.  She has worked as a Doula/Apprentice Midwife, Whitewater Raft Guide, and most recently as an EMT & Paramedic student at the University of New Mexico’s EMS Academy.  She has traveled to distant and exotic places, most recently taking her youngest daughter to Morocco.  Her love for mountains has taken her to Patagonia and many of the highest Himalayan peaks from Kanchenjunga in India, Everest in Tibet and K2 in Pakistan.   She is just as passionate about water and snow sports. 

You can read about her amazing choice at  We trust that Michele’s zeal for life and her grace in illness will inspire.  You can donate to her living memorial  Michele – you have more than our dresses on your back; you have our hearts and prayers behind you too. (Photos by Rip Williams.)

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